Welcome to Anupam Caterers, the king of Caterers in Delhi and a brand name that has touched the hearts of millions not only in India but overseas as well. The mouthwatering taste of its Indian food and sweets is something which one cannot be compared with any other Caterer in Delhi. There are various Bengali cuisines in each and every section and that is why Bengali caterer’s services in Delhi are not only famous in the Delhi NCR but all over India.
We are specialized for Bengali caterers or Bengali Food services in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida .When you talk about the food that We provide one cannot forget the auspicious dishes like the Jodhpuri “Jon ki kichdi”, the Kashmiri “Veg Korma”, Bengali Sweets “Gur pai sandesh”, “Moti Chur ke laddoo”, “Chamcham”, etc. The “Sindhi Kadhi” one must confess is prepared keeping in mind to put all the ingredients that gives the feel of the Sindhi touch.
Everyone who is a foodie and loves to get the best Bengali food is sure to know about Anupam Caterers, apart from this today we have upgraded Bengali caterers in Delhi to an all-new level. The style of service and the professionalism among the catering staff is there to see and with their homely touch shall make you eat more than you want. We apart from being the best chef of Bengali food are today also known as one of the leaders in providing the Top caterers in Delhi and also the entire India.
Bengali caterer’s services are easily available in Delhi throughout the length and breadth of the city. People love street recipes and you could find them thronging especially for the Puchka. Another well- known item is Luchi Dal which is also readily available. Fish fry and chicken dishes are just loved throughout the state. But they simply cannot think their meal without a fish item. Rohu, Bhetki, Jhinga, Hilsa and Rawas are in fact some very common varieties of fish from which one can prepare N numbers of cuisines.
The one who is cooking the dishes has to be very specific while adding the blends of spices. In rice items fried rice, pulav and Khichidi are the major varieties. Sweets made from milk like Sandash and Rosogolla have left an unsurpassed mark all over the world. Most of the Bengali dishes are prepared from the mustard oil. You might not like the aroma of the oil but it is for sure you would definitely appreciate the recipe after tasting it. Misti Doi is yet another delicious dessert which is found at every large and small sweet shop of the city.
If you have planned to get married in the City of Joy, make sure you ask the caterers to keep some of the Bengali dishes compulsorily. Today marriage ceremonies too have become means of earning profit for some professional beings. They have been regarded as event planner or wedding planner. You give them the whole contract and you are free from all sorts of stress.
They will make complete proper arrangements from lighting to sound, decoration, booking of halls etc. Most of the planners nowadays select a specific theme which is based on any special season or event. You also need to finalize on the budget issue and instruct them that everything has to be done within this amount. Earlier Event Planner caterers in Delhi were basically hired by big businessmen and aristocrats but with the passage of time even the common people have also stated taking their services.

Bengali Food is an alltime favourite for many for its spicy, aromatic and mouthwatering flavours. Bengali Cuisine generally consists of a variety of rice dishes and fresh water fish delicacies. Bengali Food enlists delicious rice main courses, curries, fish dishes, chicken cuisines, pulses, fries, cutneys, Bengali sweets, snacks and many more. Savour the oriental flavours of some zesty Bengali dishes and enjoy other delicious regional and continental food too.
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Bengali Catering for Weddings & Parties :
Specialities: Fish fry, Moghlai Paratha, Begun Bhaja (brinjal cut in elongated shapes, marinated and shallow fried), Aloo Posto (cubes of potato cooked in poppy or khus paste with mustard oil), Sukto (an appetizer made of several seasonal vegetables cooked in coarsely ground mustard paste), Narkal diye Cholar dal (thick Bengal gram pulse cooked with grated coconut and finished with broiled spices), Mochar Ghanto (dry vegetable preparation of shredded banana flower cooked with ethnic spices and chopped coconut), Daab chingri (Spicy marinated shrimps stuffed in green coconut shell and baked in open fire), Doi ilish (fillet of hilsa cooked in spicy yoghurt gravy), kasa mangsho (dry mutton preparation slowly cooked with tomato juices and spices in mustard oil), misti pulao, loochi, misti doi

We are Offering:

Aloo Kurma
Bhetki Macher Paturi
Shorshe Ilish Bhapa
Pineapple Raisin Chutney
Bengali Jhal Muri
Ras Malai
Chingri Malaikari
Kosha Mangsho
 Aamer Dal
Cholar Dal
Bhapa Chingri
Green Papaya Chutney
 Dhokar Dalna
Tomato and Date Chutney
Doi Begun
Cham Cham
Aloo Potol
Aloo Posto
Mishti Doi (Sweet Curd)


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